Bracket | diversion progam administration for the nations courts

Comprehensive Administration of Diversion or Probation Programs

The most effective and cost efficient programs for lower-end offenders.

The Bracket Difference

Control and Success

Offload the administrative headaches and gain more control – at no cost.


Diversion programs are the answer to reducing the disproportionate amount of time and money spent administering lower-end cases  – misdemeanor infractions or offenses and low-end felonies. Acting entirely under your direction, Bracket can handle the vast majority of administrative work (and very likely increase the effectiveness of the programs).

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Power and Simplicity to make your office more efficient.

BounceBack Bracket software is the industry standard.

BounceBack Bracket software is the industry standard because the industry (our clients) helped write it. Every installation of our software is custom-designed to match the specific needs of the jurisdiction. Hence, many of the best features have come from our clients. Twenty years of refinements have gone into our software to make it powerful, simple to use and affordable for every size jurisdiction.

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