Bracket Handles Felony Diversion for Douglas County


Omaha chooses Bracket for Felony Diversion

April 1, 2013 – “We are looking forward to working with BounceBack regarding the diversion process for Douglas County.”

Don Kleine, County Attorney for Douglas County, Nebraska is excited with the capability that Bracket brings to his program. With hundreds of offenders in felony diversion, it’s very difficult for even a larger office like Don’s to handle all the information, tracking and follow-up that make diversion programs effective.

Unlike the previous vendor, Bracket is providing its services at no cost to the county. That provides a double benefit: Previously, Douglas County was paying our an ever-increasing amount to the vendor that handled the program. With Bracket, all costs are paid by the offenders who require the program. Increased efficiency and better outcomes mean fewer offender fail and/or make a repeat appearance in Don’s office.




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