Low-cost software and NO COST services allow prosecutors and judges to focus on more serious crimes while improving the outcome of diversion and probation programs. If your office or court is struggling to keep up with the glut of misdemeanor crimes or if you want to improve how you handle low-end offenders, explore the many ways Bracket can help.

Bring misdemeanor cases under control while saving valuable resources.

BounceBack Bracket has products and services that can help relieve the problems of shrinking budgets and expanding caseloads. We are the only company of our type with a full complement of offerings:

  • SOFTWARE for offices and courts that want to administer cases with in-house staff, but do it more efficiently and effectively.
  • OUTSOURCING SERVICES for prosecutors and judges who prefer to direct the power and capability that BounceBack Bracket is famous for.
  • OFFENDER EDUCATION for everyone who wants to reduce recidivism and the revolving door that typifies many diversion and alternative sentencing programs.
  • INTEGRITY and RESULTS that yield better outcomes for offenders as well as victims, plus fewer headaches and complaints, overall.

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