Client Access

What we can tell you

Bracket gives clients access to all information – 24/7. It’s an easy way to check on the status of a case, an offender, an action or just about any other piece of information. It’s secure so that only you can see your information.

Computer servers

Program participants can get access to their information as well on a twinned site and, again, they can see only the information you want them to see.

  • CASE INFORMATION – Bracket clients can access a summary brief for any case, any time. Drilling down yields even more details.
  • SUMMARY AND CUSTOM-DESIGNED REPORTS – are available as well. Just tell us what is most useful for your office or court and we will design the report and make it available.
  • PHONES AND REPORTING – Full-time access is very handy but it doesn’t replace one-to-one, personal interaction with our staff. We prefer to talk with you anytime you have a question of comment. And, periodic reports are always available on whatever time frame you wish and distributed to the list you give us.

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