Combined Program Succeeds in Newyago County

Combined Program Succeeds in Newyago County

February 28, 2013 – Newyago County, Michigan has utilized BounceBack’s bad check diversion services for several years and in 2012 the Prosecutor’s Office added general misdemeanor diversion in a combined program. With an excellent working relationship already in place and a vendor that they trusted, it just made sense to fold in general misdemeanor diversion.

Newaygo County Folds Everything into One Program Source.

With a population of under 50,000, Newaygo County might not attract the attention of other vendors but BounceBack Bracket thrives in all size jurisdictions. And the jurisdictions’ program thrive as well. Prosecuting Attorney, Robert Springstead is pleased with his results.

During 2012, the Prosecutor’s Office returned more than $10,000 to residents of Newaygo County and, during the year, 62% of the defendants who entered the general misdemeanor program successfully completed their requirements.

Numbers aside, the Prosecutor and his staff have a resource that works at all levels,”The BounceBack/BRACKET teams are a pleasure to work with and are very helpful if a need arises.”



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