Check Diversion

check enforcement program gavelCriminal Bad Checks call for special capability and high standards.


Bad Check Diversion Programs are unlike most other diversion programs. They involve more functions and much more data. Money handling and full accounting. There are scores of elements to keep track of for every offender and most prosecutors are simply not equipped to handle this kind of work. That’s where BounceBack Bracket can help. For twenty plus years, BounceBack has been described by two words:

Integrity and Results

Integrity, because taking chances with a prosecutor’s reputation, a victim’s loss or a defendant’s rights are simply not things BounceBack Bracket does. While legal challenges have plagued other companies, BounceBack Bracket has always followed the standards that prosecutors themselves maintain. However, integrity goes much further than just obeying the rules. It means full service and attention to details. In short, it means administering a bad check program the way a prosecutor would.

Results, because BounceBack offers the most comprehensive programs available. Our processes are the most successful in the industry. BounceBack perennially has the highest restitution rates and the fewest complaints. More victims are made whole and our clients’ programs are more successful.

Some companies engage in heavy-handed techniques that can include bounties for agents who post high restitution numbers. They have advertised that they are using the power of the prosecutor’s name to induce checkwriters to pay. Those kinds of business practices create questions about integrity and problems such as endless lawsuits or lawsuits lost.
Other companies offer minimal programs, with the corresponding effectiveness. Having no phone follow-up or in-depth services, their chances of success are substantially diminished. With marginal educational components, repeat offenders can flourish. Promises are easy. Results… not so much.
BounceBack Bracket does things right. That’s why BounceBack Bracket perennially posts the highest restitution rates and customer satisfaction in the industry. It is also why BounceBack Bracket has won every legal challenge, quickly and with prejudice.

Find out why BounceBack Bracket is the gold standard.