Maintaining Standards

BounceBack 20 year anniversary

The Gold Standard of Bad Check Restitution

Twenty plus years of service and going strong.

Bad check diversion programs have had a special position in prosecutors’ offices for the past couple of decades. Even when no other type of diversion program is offered, a bad check program has been a standard fixture. And, for the same amount of time, so has BounceBack.

Over the past twenty years, BounceBack has quietly built a reputation for integrity and results. We keep it simple and easy for your office.

Here are the simple and easy facts:

  • BounceBack Bracket perennially has the highest restitution rates in the industry. That means more lost money goes back to the victim.
  • BounceBack Bracket has the fewest complaints from check writers or victims.
    Wouldn’t you like fewer complaints for your office?
  • BounceBack Bracket has the best offender education courses to reduce recidivism.
    Fewer bad checks in your community. Fewer cases in your office.
  • BounceBack Bracket always puts the victim first — victims are paid first and fully before BounceBack gets a dime. As it should be, but not all companies work that way.
  • BounceBack Bracket has won every legal challenge brought against it. We’re the only company that can say that.
  • You can trust your reputation and your constituents’ needs to BounceBack Bracket.

Find out more about how BounceBack Bracket’s programs differ from other companies’ programs and how we can improve your bad check program. Call today for an on-line demonstration or simply more information.