Misdemeanor Diversion

Bracket Participants are guided through the bracket program

Watchful assistance and
timely action.

Program participants are guided through their entire term of diversion or probation.


Bracket’s diversion and probation programs follow a simple path so all conditions and requirements can be met completely and on time. By keeping participants on track, Bracket helps assure they will succeed.

You tell us which conditions you wish to include in your program and Bracket will provide an easy-to-understand sequence of requirements, a reporting schedule and an administrative structure. You sign off on everything before we begin administering the work so you can see that your modifications and special requirements are seamlessly integrated into your program.

Take a look at an overview of a program structure and some variations that address the needs of specific offenses:

  1.  Offenders who participate in a program administered by Bracket must make first contact with the Program. From that point, Bracket guides them through their required conditions.
  2. Participants receive a complete packet of information with conditions, a schedule of completion, fees and other specific requirements.
  3. Bracket will have already set up a cadre of local providers for conditions such as counseling, community services and other resources for any other requirements that you may wish to include.
  4. Offenders make full restitution to the victim. Bracket can handle any transaction needed – a single offender to multiple victims, multiple offenders to a single or multiple victims. Bracket can handle any payment type (credit card, debit card or payment plans. (Restitution is commonly associated offenses such as Theft or Larceny, Destruction of Property and Dishonored Checks. Handling any type of restitution transaction is not a problem for Bracket.)
  5. If community service is a condition, Bracket tracks, records and reports the participants’ progress. The cooperating entities are kept fully informed so there are no surprises for them. (Community service is included in a large percentage of diversion programs, sentencing alternatives and probation.)
  6. Educational courses are either handled directly by Bracket or in conjunction with a local resource. An educational component is basic to almost all diversion or probation programs and Bracket’s proprietary courses are superior to other similar courses – they yield excellent long-term outcomes for offenders. (Specific courses are commonly included for driving offenses, offenses involving anger low-level violence and substance abuse.)
  7. Counseling can be a included wherever it is called for. Bracket sets up local providers for this as well as every other needed service before your program starts.
All other requirements such as: 1) contacting the program within 24 hours or having been detained by the police, 2) monthly proof of employment, 3) any change in address, phone or marital status, etc. are monitored and reported to you.

If Offender fails to complete Program requirements:

Bracket contacts Offender immediately with reminder. Bracket makes second contact with reminder and warning. Bracket notifies Offender of Program Termination and returns case information to Prosecutor.

    Revocation is handled in the manner you dictate. If an event (or lack of follow through by the participant) triggers a possible revocation of the program, the person can receive a warning(s) or an outright notice of revocation. Of course your office is kept informed at all times.

    Successful program completion closes the requirements and the program participant receives a certificate as proof of completion. Your office is updated and all case closure documentation is finalized. Bracket keep all case records on file so they are available at anytime in the future, if the need arises.

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