Education Programs

Bracket's Offender Education courses

Game Changing…

Break the cycle of repeat offenders.

One of the most frustrating parts of misdemeanor and low-end felonies is how many offenders repeat. And for everyone who you see your office or court, you know several more have fallen back into the same or similar bad habits. An effective educational course can help correct the “games” people play, to their own detriment.

Expect more from your educational course.

There are other offender education courses available but virtually none have the credentials to support their content. Bracket education is the genuine article, based on the latest research and developments in social science, behavioral psychology and cognitive learning. The courses are developed in conjunction with learning and psychology professionals and draw on internationally recognized sources. It is all about change and Bracket does more to break the cycles of behavior and move people toward making better life decisions.

Message delivered…

The best education in the world is of no value if offenders never complete the course. BounceBack Bracket can deliver your programs educational component in a variety of ways. That reduces the excuses and increases participation and completion.

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