Clients Using Bracket Education


Offender education is part of all BounceBack Bracket administered diversion programs.

The method of delivery may vary – some jurisdictions prefer teacher-led classes while others opt for home-study and/or on-line classes – but all agree that educating offenders lowers recidivism rates.

An Educational Component Completes the Program

That’s the conclusion of hundreds of prosecutors and judges around the country. Diversion program are a great solution but for long-term positive results a program must change the thinking and behavior that led to an offender’s crime.

But what do the offenders think?

A sample of 1032 offenders who participated in a BounceBack bad check diversion programs rated the Financial Management Course that was one condition of diversion. These were people who were required to take a 4-hour course on handing money. Making that a positive experience is a tall order to begin with, but the comments came back at a 14.5 positive to 1 negative ratio.

Lower recidivism makes prosecutors, judges and constituents happy and a quality educational component lowers recidivism. If your program could benefit from the correctional influence of offender education, contact Bracket to learn how to include it.