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Make first-time offenders, one-time-only offenders.

Developed by mental health and social science professionals.

Offender Education is a critical component for diversion and probation programs. Repeat offenders are a frustrating, continuing burden to the criminal justice system as well as your community at large. Educating offenders makes a positive difference.

But not all educational courses measure up. Take a look for yourself. If your program utilizes an educational component, check the credentials of the mental health or social science professional who created it. Sadly, in most instances you will find no reference to the authors much less to their qualifications.

Bracket schools are grounded in proven cognitive and behavioral concepts and draw on the latest research across a range of psychological disciplines. Compare for yourself. Demand better.

Better Choices!

Applicable for most low-end offenders, this curriculum makes up the core for other educational classes. This comprehensive course provides understanding of how people make choices, how they avoid bad choices and ways to build will power and good decision making habits. Based on the latest research into cognitive and behavioral science, the course presents serious information in an easy-to-understand format that leads the student through the course.

Driving Offenses

Driving offenses probably create the largest number of cases and the most disproportionate demand of resources for both prosecutors and courts. That’s where Bracket can help the most. These misdemeanor cases have clear-cut procedures that should be handled with Bracket’s computer-like efficiency. But efficiency is not the same as effectiveness.

Offender education is as important for driving offenses as it is for any other. Drivers made conscious decision every minute they are behind the wheel and good decision making extremely important when a person is in control of a two-ton object moving at a high (or low) speed.

Help offender get their driving decisions under control through an effective educational course. Learn more about Learning from Driving Violations.

MIP - Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Minors are a “high-success” segment of the population when it comes to offender education. It is the time in their lives when a clear, straight-forward message can make a difference. Teens and young adults today are far past accepting platitudes or psycho-babble. But they will respond to a genuine message that has meaning for them. Bracket’s MIP/Drug and Alcohol educational courses can help turn these offenders around so they don’t continue to compound the problems that landed them in a diversion program in the first place.

Theft Offenses

It’s not likely that you will ever offer diversion to offenders who are professional or high-level thieves. Diversion or probation programs focus on the people who wouldn’t normally be considered professional criminals. Clearly, they are people who have crossed the line but there is a reasonable expectation that an effective educational component can significantly reduce the chances of the offender repeating his/her crime. BounceBack Bracket’s offender educational courses have that one goal in mind – helping lower-end offenders change their behavior and decision-making processes so they don’t reoffend.

Financial Management

How to Bounce Back From a Bad Check — A course to help check writers handle the intricacies of a checking account, ATM’s, joint checking, and more. Why a bounced check can become a criminal offense. Plus, detailed financial planning information – all to help offenders avoid passing bad checks in the future. For people in extreme need there is referral information to outside agencies that can provide assistance.