Driving Offenses

Bracket handles driving offensesBad Decisions.
It’s Enough to Drive You Crazy…

Driving offenses are probably the most common of all cases referred to diversion. There is a core group: driving on a suspended or a revoked license or no license at all. Driving without insurance and of course speeding.

All of these fall under bad judgment rather than a momentary lapse of attention or some type of avoidable accident. They are the result of conscious decisions to ignore responsibility and the law and they call for an intervention to improve the offenders’ decision-making ability.

They call  Bracket’s Learning from Driving Violations course, a serious approach to learning the mechanics of decision-making, willpower and taking responsibility.

Bracket’s Learning from Driving Violations course addresses the physiological components of decision making as well as the intellectual understanding about why people make bad decisions or poorly though-out decisions. The course looks at practical ways to improve a person’s ability to make better life decisions – including decisions about driving.

Combined with other key conditions of diversion, an effective educational course for driving offenders can have a significant positive influence and save people a great deal of trouble, maybe even a life.

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