Financial Management

bad check restitutionWho Taught You About Checks?


It’s a fair question because the vast majority of people have had little or no instruction about how to manage a checking account. There are important things to learn in order to keep everything straight. Educating check offenders about the mechanics of a checking account is basic and of course Bracket starts with those.

Bracket’s Financial Management course examines how a person should handle all aspects of his/her finances – from budgeting to planning to understanding how mistakes in handling finances impact more than an immediate situation.

But the “think-and-do” approach, alone, doesn’t address the real issue of issuing criminal bad checks. Most of the participants in a bad check diversion or probation program got there because they made bad decisions. Bracket’s Financial Management course addresses this issue head on.

There is substantive instruction and clear examples about how to improve some simple decision-making behavior. The information is presented in a positive manner and it works.

On average, fewer than 3% of offenders who complete the course re-offend within 12 months. That means fewer cases in your office or court and fewer bad checks in your community.

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