Theft Offenses

ShopliftingWell, excuse me…!


You know the shoplifting and petty theft excuses. You have heard the same excuse a thousand times, “I really needed that camera and Walmart has millions. They can afford it…”

It is theft, pure and simple and excuse making is one of the most common flaws associated with damaging behavior. Excuse making leads to bad decisions and possible criminal offenses. That is where an effective offender education course can actually make a difference. That is Bracket’s Learning from Theft Offenses course

Being charged with a serious misdemeanor or felony crime can be pretty sobering, especially for people who would not normally classified as “professional criminals.” It is a moment when a person could be turned around.

Bracket’s Learning from Theft Offenses course helps people better understand the mechanisms of decision-making and give them tools that make a positive difference. Diversion works, especially for shoplifters, petty thieves and other lower-end stealing offenses. It works best when the conditions include Bracket’s Learning from Theft Offenses course.

See for yourself. Contact Bracket to receive a copy of Bracket’s Learning from Theft Offenses course or get access the course on-line now.