Research and Publication

Bracket Research and PublicationThe Logical Conclusion

As mentioned, BounceBack Bracket educational courses were developed in conjunction with behavioral and psychological professionals as well as educators. The foundation course work is being evaluated as part of an ongoing and comprehensive research project to measure the effectiveness of the program content.

Every question and explanation are being measured. Every aspect of presentation is receiving special attention. Data is being gathered on completion rates, partial completions, error rates and much more. This fine-grain, empirical analysis directs continuing refinements to the content as well as measures the effectiveness.

bracket publishes results of offender education studyThe goal is to publish the results of the study for presentation at conferences for mental health professionals. It is an exciting project from which your own professional clients will benefit.

Offender education has not received much attention from this level of educators or mental health professional – until now. BounceBack Bracket is taking the lead to develop the highest quality educational materials for diversion and probation programs.