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Twenty Years in the making . . .

That’s a lot of testing and development.

BounceBack Bracket began with a little county in central Missouri and grew into the country’s most popular software for prosecutors’ bad check and general diversion programs — by far. From the first, our clients have partnered in its design and development — to be the premier product of its type.

After 20 years of refinements, you can trust that it is powerful, easy-to-use and complete. Case management companies like to say they have a bad check “module.”  Other companies say their software will handle bad checks just like BounceBack Bracket, but, when the work piles up or their software moves like cold molasses or the Auditor looks up at you with a tight jaw and a frown, you may wish you had gone with the real thing.

Offender Information

Never Lose Track

Of course all essential offender information is included but so is alias tracking, and automatic change of address features, exception flagging. There is also:

  • Employment information
  • Import and export to a case management system with a single click
  • Connection for one offender to multiple victims or multiple offenders to one victim
  • An extensive notes file that can be organized multiple ways
  • Display of historical or current activities
  • Quick look-up and automatic file consolidation
  • More…
At a glance…

With all the information and functions displayed in one place your staff will reduce the time required dramatically. When a program participant is on the phone, there is no fumbling for a piece of information – everything is no more than one mouse click away.

Bracket software is streamlined, with no unnecessary or frivolous features. When we design your version, we include exactly what you want.

Victim Information

Take care of victims

Managing victim information need not be an issue. Branch locations feeding into a central controlling home office presents no problems. Instant access to contact victim contact information is included. Users can display just the active cases for a victim or their entire history. Complete case notes and many other efficiency-based features are included.

Virtually any method and structure of disbursements to victims is part of BounceBack. Money handing is what BounceBack is all about so there is never a question about who, when, where or what happened to every cent.

Case Management


If every bad check diversion case flowed smoothly through a prosecutor’s program, it would be fairly easy to manage everything. But, they don’t.

Bad Check offenders come up with a thousand excuses. Or, they are in the hospital. Or, they need an extension of time. Or, the have multiple bad checks written on three different bank accounts. Or, her new married name doesn’t match your previous records. Or, they have moved three times since they passed the bad check. The exceptions go on and on.

And that is what Bracket Bad Check Diversion software does best – manage the exceptions as well as the standard processing flow.

No other product of its kind comes close. The money handling features alone place the software far above other product. Add to that address tracking, alias tracking, every conceivable piece of correspondence being built in, a flagging system that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, extensive and powerful case notes and action reminders… and much more.

Those are some of 
the major features. 
What are the benefits? 
Simply this:

BounceBack Bracket Bad Check Diversion software will make your program more effective and much more efficient. The myriad features work in concert to speed every process as they increase accuracy – no matter what exception you encounter.

Make your bad check diversion program exceptional.

Money Handling

"Look after the pennies  
and the [dollars] will  
look after themselves."

English Proverb

Not necessarily…

When the state auditor shows up you will be much happier if you have taken meticulous care of both the pennies and the dollars. For a bad check diversion program that is not easy… unless you have BounceBack Bracket software.

Every type of transaction, money-handling function, disbursement, auditing or reporting is included. Issue checks or vouchers. Partial payments or payment plans are never an issue. Account reconciliation is a snap.

And of course all money handling is updated back through every location in the database and there is built-in reporting that’s a mouse-click away.

Best of all, BounceBack Bracket’s money handling and accounting features are rock solid with stringent standard and practices. You can be assured that every penny and every dollar is looked after.


Form Fitting.  
Letter Perfect.

Bracket software comes with pre-designed forms, court documents, letters and notices. Everything can include your letterhead, signature and the exact verbiage you prefer. Of course you can merge virtually any piece of data you wish into any of these documents.

You can create new standard or one-of-a-kind documents yourself with tools that are built-in to your copy of the software. No need to contact Bracket (We’re happy to help, but most of our customers never need assistance with new documents.)

There is also no need for word processing or reporting software. For ease and lower costs, mailed documents can be formatted to fit window envelopes. Pre-existing graphic or formatting standards are not a problem. Our designers can match just about anything imaginable.


What can you report?

BounceBack Bracket has nearly unlimited reporting capability. It is how your office stays in control and how, with a few mouse clicks, you can provide a wealth of financial or statistical information to county government, auditors or anyone who has a valid need to know.

Preparation of a case that you plan to prosecute is as easy. You can have as many pre-formatted reports as you prefer or you can build them yourself, on-demand.

From accounting to statistics to individual offender information to reports for victims. If the data in available, it can be include in a report along with complex calculations, cross-referencing and formatting that makes it the information easy to assimilate.

You can build your own ad hoc reports including all types of merge fields. If you don’t have that inclination, a maintenance and support agreement includes our providing as many additional reports as you wish – at no extra cost.


BounceBack Bracket 
software is powerful but 
it isn’t difficult to use.

As they mature, some software products suffer form “bloat.” Companies want to sell another new update with more features but forget that the whole point is productivity. Their tool starts getting in the way of the task.

BounceBack Bracket has a multitude of features – some you may not want. We are good with that. Every client we serve has a unique version of our software that includes only the features that make sense for them. With hundreds of available features, you can create a highly efficient tool, specific for your office. That lets users focus on the real work (rather than on how to make the software work).

Over the past 20+ years BounceBack Bracket has created an amazing feature-set that you can choose from. Some are simple and obvious, others take a little explaining. But, we are happy to do just that. Contact us for the details about any or all of them. Here is just a partial list of some of the main features:

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Alias tracking Accounting functions (full)
  • Change of address management
  • Combining duplicate victims or offenders into a single file
  • Money handling of every imaginable kind
  • Extensive flagging system for exceptions
  • Offender Notes (extensive)
  • Victim Notes (extensive)
  • Creation and management of all correspondence
  • Creation of court documents
  • Ad hoc letters
  • Multi-level password access to various aspects of the program


Installation, Maintenance and Cost