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BounceBack Bracket will happily put you in touch with any of our software clients. Let us know some of the basic of your program (or proposed program) and we can match you with jurisdictions that have programs or circumstances. In the mean time let us offer a varied sampling of the many clients who use BounceBack Bracket software.

What Our Clients Are Saying

District 26…

fancseal_whiteMy office has been using the BounceBack [software] since 2002. We are currently supervising in excess of 3,000 court ordered defendants. We monitor all monetary payments and non-monetary conditions plus virtually any rules and conditions of their sentencing through BounceBack’s [software product]. We use the Action Items feature to monitor the sentence to insure that each defendant has satisfied his or her rules and conditions prior to the sentence terminating.

Our program is ranked 5th in the state of Oklahoma for collections of probation fees, while we are next to last in population base. We attribute this success to the court ordered module in BounceBack. It makes tracking our defendants and disbursing our collections to victims so easy. Prior to using BounceBack for tracking and collections, the sentences frequently terminated without a defendant having ever satisfied his rules and conditions. Our victims seldom were reimbursed in full. Now it is a rare occasion that a victim does not get paid in full.

We also utilize the Restitution and Diversion module to divert property crimes from the court system and enable reimbursement to the victim without having criminal charges filed against the offender. We have been using this program with great success.This program makes tracking the progress on a diversion case very simple and successful. Once restitution has been made it is just a matter of a click of a few buttons to distribute the funds back to the victim. I have recommended BounceBack for the tracking of court ordered restitution and diversion cases many times.

Jane Stanley, Director Oklahoma District Attorney’s Office

Dist #26 Restitution and Diversion Division

Other Oklahoma Counties

OK dist atty'sOur five-county district actively supervises nearly 900 probationers to make sure all rules and conditions imposed by the District Court are successfully met. In addition, we monitor in excess of 500 additional probationers whose supervision has ended for other violations of their probation. Since we implemented our Supervision Program in 2005, we have utilized BounceBack software to monitor the progress of our probationers. I truly believe that it has been a key factor in our ability to efficiently manage a large number of probationers in a very organized manner.

The BounceBack software is truly a “one-stop-shop” because it allows us to create and maintain a detailed offender information file within which we can track exactly what an offender has to do and how much time he has to do it. We use the program to build and track payment schedules, receive and disburse all payments, and work from an internal “action item” calendar to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner. We use the form letters created within the program to notify a probationer when he is not in compliance and of the consequences. We are also able to keep notes of each contact we have with the probationer, which is a tremendous asset to our probation officers when providing testimony of non-compliance.

I highly recommend this software to anyone who is looking to increase efficiency in monitoring existing probationers or to any office starting a supervision program.

Keri Avant, Office of the District Attorney

Blaine, Canadian, Garfield, Grant & Kingfisher Counties Oklahoma

Louisville, Kentucky

louisville ky kentucky night landcsape…We are current users of the CORD report that is attached to the BounceBack program. We utilize this reporting system in our Bad Check and Restitution Divisions. Its ease of access has been very helpful in that I only have to plug in a time frame in order to retrieve the information that is necessary to compile reports.

Allison Kern, Jefferson County Attorney’s OfficeJefferson County, KY

 Case Studies

Case Study - Las Vegas, Nevada

welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign at sunsetUntil 1993, the prosecutors in Las Vegas (Clark County, Nevada) had never dealt with bad checks. Stuart Bell, then DA, hired BounceBack Bracket to help design a bad check unit that ultimately handled 50,000+ bad checks a year. When you’re processing that many records — and all the associated elements — literally, every second counts. You can thank Las Vegas for helping us create the fastest and most efficient product available. No other product comes close.

Case Study - Oklahoma

Full color ok dist attyThe majority of the state of Oklahoma uses BounceBack — not only for bad check diversion, but also for general restitution and diversion. From one small county with a single computer to large Districts with multiple locations and users, all linked over a wide-area network, BounceBack Bracket is the standard for the state. You won’t exceed BounceBack Bracket’s capability or capacity.

Case Study - Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FloridaIn February, 1999, the State Attorney in Jacksonville asked BounceBack to design a system that automatically uploaded data to, and downloaded data from, the county’s mainframe computer system. A few weeks later, their BounceBack system was flawlessly exchanging data between otherwise disparate systems and the bad check unit was handling checks with greatly enhanced efficiency. BounceBack Bracket can support all the initials: LAN’s and WAN’s, SQL and XML, ODBC and VPN/RDC…

When your DBA want answers PDQ, you can depend on BounceBack Bracket.

Case Study - Bracken County, Kentucky

479218597_23cf532e16_z“But how can we afford as sophisticated a system as BounceBack Bracket?” That was the question that the County Attorney asked when he saw what the software could do. The answer was “It’s not a problem. You can lease the software or you can even rent it.” BounceBack knows the reality of prosecutors’ budgets and we have ways to make our product and services affordable for every jurisdiction. You won’t find a better value for your office than BounceBack Bracket.

Case Study - Central Missouri

220px-Current_River_MO_2009-06-15_n65_below_Welch_Spring_crop2In 1991, BounceBack installed bad check software in a small county with a big problem. Their bad check program had $33,000 in the bank and they had no idea who it belonged to. (That will get you a tight jaw and a serious frown from the Auditor’s Office.) The county eventually got the $33,000 sorted out and, from then on, the county has never had a problem handling money.

BounceBack Braket never loses track of a single penny. There are multiple built-in error checks and cross checks. There are failsafe warnings and, when necessary, the software forces users to account for the money or it won’t move on.