General Misdemeanor Diversion Software

Manage all Misdemeanor Diversion and Probation Easily

Are you hindered by the inability to administer a program? You’re not alone.


Diversion, alternative sentencing options, or structured/monitored probation can all be valuable tools for the criminal justice system, but they all require efficient and effective administration. It’s a problem for large jurisdictions as well as small ones.


Scheduled payments, payments involving one-to-many or many-to-one, partial payments, overpayments, and of course a full complement of accounting functions that make sure every penny is accounted for.

Hours of Community Service

As offenders complete their assigned hours, BounceBack treats community service hours as an “accounts receivable” entry. Users always know the exact status of every offender’s service condition.

Scheduled Events

BounceBack tracks random drug testing, counseling, acquisition of license or insurance or any event that an offender must complete. Offenders and specific conditions are flagged when they are overdue. Required actions are automatically scheduled. Speed, efficiency and accuracy make BounceBack diversion and probation software the most powerful and easy-to-use product of its kind.

Offender Information

Manage for Success

Achieve more successful outcomes. Lower your cost of resources.

There are many measures of success; higher restitution rates, fewer repeat offenders, better use of office resources, happier constituents. BounceBack Bracket bad check diversion software helps you succeed in all areas but everything starts with the offender.

Offenders are your focus and BounceBack Bracket gives you powerful tools to help offenders break the cycle of bad check crimes.

There are scores of offender data that need to be kept – at your fingertips. BounceBack Bracket displays everything in one place or one mouse click away. And built-in tools keeps you on top of every aspect of an offender case, anticipating future events and automatically assisting with correspondence, court documents, money handling, reports, accounting, action items and more.

The result is more check writers successfully complete their diversion requirements. Your office recovers more restitution for victims and fewer bad check writers reoffend. Successful offender outcomes make your office more effective in serving your community. Your bad check program is one of the most visible. Manage to make it a success.

Prosecutor, Court and Victim Information

Jurisdictional and  
Victim Information

Like all the aspects of a diversion or probation case, keeping track of jurisdictional or victim information is easy, complete and, above all, accurate. Bracket’s diversion software is all those things.

EASY – Whether a single victim or multiple victims are involved or, if the state, county or city is the victim, it’s not problem. Your have ultimate flexibility.

COMPLETE – In addition to all the basic victim information, a side-bar reference screen displays your vital information at all times so there is never a question about what conditions are or aren’t acceptable, lengths of terms, fee requirements, educational requirements… in short, all your standards and practices. It’s makes setting up a case easy and managing cases efficient.

ACCURACY – With Bracket, accuracy is a given. Every penny of restitution goes where it should. Updated information gets archived in case you ever need to look back. Automatic file consolidation allows users to merge duplicated files with no loss of data or re-keying. Accuracy rates go up as time-required goes down.

Case Management

Case Control . . . 
that's what it's all about.

Bracket assures total control, including the ability to manage cases quickly and efficiently.

  • Software conveyance is excellent. Screens are arranged in logical order so even new users can easily find the information they need.
  • The most commonly used information appears in more than one place thus reducing time wasted on unnecessary navigation and retracing steps.
  • You can include (or exclude) any data your wish to eliminate clutter and increase efficiency.
  • Automated functions make sense and are under your control, not the software’s control.
  • Continuity is a given. Everything in the application works in a similar, predictable way. Start-up is fast and day-to-day use is easy.

Money Handling

We have paid a lot of  
attention to Restitution

If restitution to victims is a required condition or if the fee structure of a program is complicated, you will appreciate Bracket’s ability to handle every imaginable transaction. Flawlessly. To the penny.

Your State Auditor will praise your thorough and accurate money handling practices and you can eliminate that concern. In 20+ years, BounceBack Bracket has handled hundreds of millions of dollars dollars without a hiccup.

But money isn't the only 
“receivable” you will 
manage with ease 
and accuracy.

Hours of community service and events such as counseling or random drug testing are treated as “receivables” and you will be in complete control of those conditions as well. Never a question. Never a slip.


Have you noticed 

BounceBack Bracket software comes fully prepared to communicate at all levels, automatically or on demand. BounceBack Bracket bad check diversion software arrives fully prepared with every notice, letter, report, court document, spreadsheet or other communication in place, just the way you want them.

There is no ramp-up or development of templates or document styles or boilerplate text. Prior to installation BounceBack will prepare your full library of documents, forms and notices. You approve the content and the look.

We recreate your letterhead, picture and signature (if you wish). We create all the standard documents but you can create a very sophisticated merge document without our help that includes just about any piece of data in your system. Quick. Easy.


Analysis and Reports

Like your forms, letters and notices, there is just about no end to the types of reports you can either have pre-formatted or build on-demand. Every jurisdiction wants the basic reports and just about all of them want something a little different. No problem.

If the data in available, it can be include in a report along with complex calculations, cross-referencing and formatting that makes it the information easy to understand.

You can easily build your own ad hoc reports or, if you need something a little more complicated, we can build it for you. That’s included in your ongoing maintenance at no additional cost.


BounceBack Bracket 
software is powerful
but it isn’t difficult
to use.

As they mature, some software products suffer form “bloat.” Companies want to sell another new update with more features but forget that the whole point is productivity. Their tool starts getting in the way of the task.

BounceBack Bracket has a multitude of features – some you may not want. We are good with that. Every client we serve has a unique version of our software that includes only the features that make sense for them. With hundreds of available features, you can create a highly efficient tool, specific for your office. That lets users focus on the real work (rather than on how to make the software work).

Over the past 20+ years BounceBack Bracket has created an amazing feature-set that you can choose from. Some are simple and obvious, others take a little explaining. But, we are happy to do just that. Contact us for the details about any or all of them.

Here is just a partial list of some of the main features:

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Alias tracking Accounting functions (full)
  • Change of address management
  • Combining duplicate victims or offenders into a single file
  • Money handling of every imaginable kind
  • Extensive flagging system for exceptions
  • Offender Notes (extensive)
  • Victim Notes (extensive)
  • Creation and management of all correspondence
  • Creation of court documents
  • Ad hoc letters
  • Multi-level password access to various aspects of the program
Installation, Maintenance and Cost