Installation, Maintenance and Cost

Installation, Maintenance and, of course, Cost

Hopefully, by the time you look at this page you have at least browsed some of the features, benefits and ways Bracket software is the most productive software for diversion and probation programs. If not, please do but, in the mean time, here is the information you are seeking:


Bracket Diversion Program software arrives fully customized to your exact specifications. Prior to installation, we spend time learning how your office or court works and your preferences. We program all that into your individual copy of the software so when we install your program it is entirely and only your program.

Preparation time is usually measured in a few weeks. Installation takes a couple of days to a week for very large jurisdictions. But, when we are finished your office or court is fully functional, trained and working. It doesn’t much matter what network or basic system you use.

If you want Bracket software to exchange data with other SQL databases, it’s not a problem. Bracket works in any environment.


We know it takes a little time to get used to any piece of software – so we build in a period where you get complete support and maintenance at no cost.

Questions or training reminders are free. Modifications to screens, documents, reports and procedures are free too.

Standard maintenance is charged at a percentage of cost and is commensurate with all niche market software.


The most basic systems start well under $10,000 – fully customized, installed and trained. Jurisdictions recouped their cost in under a year, simply from the increased efficiency. Larger installations with multiple users or multiple locations, interface to another SQL system or data transfers… are, understandably, more. However, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable even very complex installation can be.

BounceBack Bracket is not out of reach for any jurisdiction. For a specific cost quote, contact us

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