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Many jurisdictions do not have the means to administer effective diversion programs. The sheer number of cases and the number of elements that must be tracked often become unmanageable. The same holds true for some companies trying to assist with misdemeanor diversion. Their ability to help is limited.

Bracket’s comprehensive services and ability to administer any diversion or probation program set US apart. We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways to improve your current program or your ideas about implementing a new program.

Take a look at some examples of our clients’ existing programs or contact Bracket to learn more.

Control and Success Offload the administrative headaches and gain more control – at no cost.

Diversion programs are the answer to reducing the disproportionate amount of time and money spent administering lower-end cases – misdemeanor infractions or offenses and low-end felonies. Acting entirely under your direction, Bracket can handle the vast majority of administrative work (and very likely increase the effectiveness of the programs).

Pre-trial Diversion - A Full Spectrum of Services for Any Diversion Need

Prosecutors benefit from diversion programs at different stages in the process; from pre-filing to a pre-trial solution that may include the assent of a judge. However, many jurisdictions don’t have the means to administer effective diversion programs. The sheer number of cases and the number of elements that must be tracked often become unmanageable. Limited resources often yield limited success.

The same holds true for some companies seeking to assist with pre-trial diversion. They can handle only a few types of diversion or they do not have the full complement of services and their ability to help is limited.

Bracket is geared to administer all diversion programs, from a simple infraction to a complicated offense involving multiple defendants and/or victims. Involving the court is not an issue.

Sentencing Alternatives - Courts can benefit too.

Many judges would like the flexibility of alternative sentencing. Often a program of required conditions can be a far better way to handle lower-end cases, but courts usually have no way to monitor and control the outcome of such a program. Offenders fail or return for a continuance, further clogging an already to-capacity docket.

Bracket provides the means to make alternative sentencing work – at no cost to the court or the ordinary tax payer. Program participants are managed throughout their term with watchful assistance and firm guidance. The judge is kept fully informed at every step and the success ratio is improved dramatically.

Bad Check Diversion - Bad checks have always been a special case.

Bad Check Diversion Programs have been around for 25 years. Outsourcing a Bad Check Diversion Program can be the answer but all outsourcing vendors are not equal.

Spend some time learning about why BounceBack Bracket is the acknowledged leader in bad check diversion programs. A few minutes of research could save you an enormous amount of time and trouble. From the highest restitution rates to the lowest number of complaints… From the most trouble free programs to the least legal trouble… BounceBack Bracket is the acknowledged leader.

Better outcomes mean fewer repeat offenders

Your office or court may not be geared to handle large amounts of data or large volumes of calls and correspondence, but Bracket is. For more than 20 years, BounceBack Bracket has delivered solid service and the highest success rates in our industry. More efficient and effective programs that benefit everyone in your community.

Bracket’s services are paid for entirely by the program participants, allowing you to reallocate valuable resources.

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Comprehensive Administration of Diversion or Probation Programs

The most effective and cost efficient programs for lower-end offenders.