How does it work?

Bracket handles the day-to-day activities of programs – as if we were your in-house staff. You are always in charge. We do the work. The difference – Bracket has powerful data management tools designed specifically to manage diversion programs. We have a call center, mail center, connections to service providers across the state... all the tools. Plus, we have 30 years of experience working with offenders, victims and prosecutors in 40+ states.

The Process:

It is simple. You make the decisions about eligibility, conditions and the term. We take it from there. Bracket handles everything involved in each person’s program. We guide each offender through their program on an individual basis. Our goal is to help every participant - and your office - succeed.

In depth details - How BRACKET Can Assist

How does diversion fit in your overall program?

It is up to you. Pretrial diversion is not only the best solution for many lower-end offenders, it will reduce your workload significantly. (The courts will appreciate that too.) Start with

Diversion is best suited for: D or E Felonies A or B Misdemeanors. Those classes make up half of all Missouri’s cases.

some obvioius cases and expand your program as you see fit. Bracket keeps track of everything and you have total access to every piece of data. That gives you the power to analyze and control your program to its best advantage.

See how other prosecutors have structured their programs:

How do you get started?

Bracket has worked with hundreds of offices and can assist with suggestions, examples from other jurisdictions, best practices, legal requirements and elements you may not have thought of. It usually takes a single meeting to decide all the program parameters. After that, we produce a complete set of documents, procedures, reports, etc. that you approve. Your program will fit your needs exactly. Then, begin transmitting cases to Bracket. That’s it.

Use the Quick Start Option for existing cases.

Still Have Questions?

We have answers. They will inevitably deal with the details of how diversion programs work. Our suggestion is that we talk about the specifics of your office so we can offer equally specific recommendations. We can send examples from other programs, information about our educational course, information on how we set up local resources in your county and even a fully developed set of program materials designed especially for you. No cost. No obligation. No contracts. No hassle.

Contact us with your questions.

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