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Since 1992, BounceBack Bracket has served the criminal justice system by providing assistance with misdemeanor diversion programs. For much of that time, BounceBack focused on bad check diversion, being involved with more prosecutors' bad check programs than any other company.

From the beginning, BounceBack has provided software for prosecutors who manage in-house bad check and general misdemeanor diversion programs. BounceBack's software is still the undisputed leader in its field.

In 2000, BounceBack expanded to provide outsourcing services for prosecutors who prefer to employ a private company to administer their bad check programs. In 2010, BounceBack expanded again by forming a new division Bracket to handle all types of misdemeanor diversion programs and include municipal prosecutors as well as court systems at both the district and municipal level.

This new service model received immediate and enthusiastic acceptance among prosecutors and judges. It builds on the many years of service to criminal justice and the Bracket division is beginning to overshadow it's parent that is why we often include both names in text or graphics.

Today, the combined BounceBack Bracket company works with all levels of the criminal justice system in states across the country. Our clients include some of the country's largest and some of its smallest jurisdictions. No matter the size, each of those clients receives the highest quality, individualized products and service.

We always say our clients are our best sales people. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the many satisfied customers that make up the BounceBack Bracket family.

Our Leaders

Top-down leadership.

Actually, our business is led by Prosecutors and Judges, across the country, who have been instrumental in helping to design our first-tier software and outsourcing programs. It is how we approach our business and it is the fundamental difference that separates BounceBack Bracket from other companies in our industry.

BounceBack Bracket has always focused on the needs of the criminal justice system. While others respond first to the mega-merchants or answer stockholders need to maximize profits, BounceBack Bracket stays committed to serving each jurisdiction the way its prosecutors and judges would.

For more than 20 years, BounceBack Bracket has quietly built a reputation for integrity and results. Like others in our industry, we have been challenged to defend our business practices. However, unlike any similar company, BounceBack Bracket has won every legal challenge with prejudice, each time. That's because we do not take chances with our clients' programs or their reputations.

From the level of service we provide to our universal victim-first approach, we take our guidance from Prosecutors and Judges.

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