What Bracket/BounceBack Offers


Comprehensive Implementation of Diversion and Probation Programs

Whatever the program type, offenders are required to satisfy a set of conditions in order to resolve their crime. Keeping track of all these conditions is often overwhelming for prosecutors and judges. For more than 20 years, prosecutors and judges have trusted their diversion programs to BounceBack-Bracket by using our software as part of an in-house program. BounceBack-Bracket manages every aspect of each case efficiently and effectively. Nothing falls through the cracks, providing full accountability at all times. BounceBack-Bracket's products and services are comprehensive and can be divided into two broad categories:

No other company can provide practical programs for every jurisdiction. Bracket programs are a potent answer to the problem of misdemeanor and low-end felony crime one that can help your office or court do a better job at NO COST to you or the ordinary taxpayer.

Our Clients

BounceBack-Bracket has access to criminal justice professionals across the Country. There's nothing like getting information from the original source.

While other companies show off their clients with quotes they may or may not have actually uttered, we put you in touch with ours, so you can hear what they actually have to say.

BounceBack-Bracket clients are more than willing to share their experience and knowledge regarding best practices, legal questions and, of course, their experiences with Bracket.

Our clients are our best "salespeople" so we are happy to provide contact information for other jurisdictions in your state or in a similar circumstance as you. With clients very large, very small, coast-to-coast and border-to-border, we can probably connect you with multiple jurisdictions that can assist you or offer their opinions.

Comprehensive Implementation of Diversion or Probation Programs

The most effective and cost efficient programs for lower-end offenders.

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