BounceBack Bracket software is the industry standard because the industry (our clients) helped write it. Every installation of our software is custom-designed to match the specific needs of the jurisdiction. Hence, many of the best features have come from our clients. Twenty years of refinements have gone into our software to make it powerful, simple to use and affordable for every size jurisdiction.


Every imaginable feature and function is available. No other software is needed to handle any aspect of your diversion programs. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are built in. It is also simple to use.

Our clients typically increase efficiency by 40% to 80% over their existing systems and the savings start immediately. Our staff comes to your site(s), installs and tests your program, then trains your personnel. Your office will be up and running, usually in just a few days. We have cost effective solutions for everyone.

Size doesn't matter. BounceBack Bracket software is in use in some of the nation's largest jurisdictions and some of the smallest. Each office has the system it needs at a cost it could afford.

Custom Designed Software that is Specially Written for Every Client

What are your statutory requirements? What is your personal point of view? How many bad checks are being referred to you now? Which checks qualify for your programs? Which do not? How many people in your office will be using BounceBack Bracket?

This is how we start designing your software. We take everything into account. From your network and other IT considerations to how your notices and other correspondence should be formatted. From the kinds of reports you want for your staff and budget.

The result is a unique version of our world-class software, designed to your exact specifications with unlimited support for your individual product.

BounceBack Bracket software starts with a basic framework that includes a multitude of features. Then we add the functionality that matches your statutes, your constituents needs even your philosophic approach to criminal bad checks.

For more than 20 years, jurisdictions like Las Vegas, NV, Midland, TX, Louisville, KY, Tucson, AZ, Gulf Port, LA, Des Moines County, IA and most of Oklahoma have depended on BounceBack Bracket to return millions of dollars to victims with every penny accounted for.

To that end, State Auditors love BounceBack Bracket software because it won't let an office lose track of anything. We make their job easier, from the moment the Auditor arrives to the moment the audit is concluded.

BounceBack is powerful, yet it is easy for everyone. The number of records you can handle is virtually unlimited. The features and functions are grouped and streamlined so your staff can save up to 80% of the time they were spending on bad checks. We automate but don't over-automate to the point the tool gets in the way of the task.

But again, you tell us. We'll build it any way you want. The best part is how affordable BounceBack Bracket is for your jurisdiction. Our pricing reflects the size of installation and the volume of checks you handle. Call us for an estimate you'll be surprised how little it costs.

Comprehensive Implementation of Diversion or Probation Programs

The most effective and cost efficient programs for lower-end offenders.

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